14 August, 2007

It's All Clear at Shock!

We've spent the last few weeks writing, recording and mixing various projects in our brand new studio set-up! Our state-of-the-art new Carillon music computer and M -Audio firewire mixing desk has made this a breeze and we've had some vey happy customers! 

All Clear Films produce royalty free video clips that production companies can use to show in their own films. Shock produced the soundtrack to several new pieces including an animated music video, a "Police, Camera, Action!" type clip and even a horse race. We'll be working with All Clear on some new clips again soon.

07 August, 2007

Monster Hit!

We've had our first review for 'Monster Hits' at the Edinburgh Festival. 
Shock composed and recorded the music for the show in our recording studios in North London. 


"Stop right there! Now turn and run - don't stop until you've got your mitts on a 24-carat ticket for 'Monster Hits'. There aren't enough superlatives to express the sheer unbelievable, amazing, wonderfully heart meltingly colourful spectacularness of this show. Bursting with boundless energy, each character is perfectly performed, with every sinew eager to move, sing, bounce and play. Everything you can dream of is created physically with faultless accuracy. The costumes are a-dazzle, only outdone by the bulging smiles and fiery eyes of all. A sheer rarity, blessed with the gift to spread joy and turn back the ancient hands of time. I truly became a child again and will surely be smiling for days."

Well done to Tall Stories for producing another great show!